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PIMI LTD aims to provide clients with an efficient, effective and excellent legal, services.

Our highly qualified solicitors, barristers, advisers, in different disciplines of law and business.

Team work and expertise are the two intrinsic constituents of the pillars of PIMI LTD that determine the success of a case and brings trust and heartwarming blessings.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Our area of expertise extends to obtaining goals for people from both outside and inside the UK, challenging difficult situations, advocacy at Courts on your behalf and providing an A-Z in all areas of Law and Business.

Our collaboration and cooperation with other barristers, solicitors, Advisors and experts in and out of the United Kingdom have paved the ground for successful outcomes.

PIMI LTD is an active and co-operate to the firms which contributing member of a much bigger Advisors and qualified Solicitors in the United Kingdom which has been professionally involved in rendering law and business advice and action to applicants in all categories.

PIMI LTD is pleased to announce that it has nationally recognized partners such as Russell Wise Solicitors, NN&SS Limited, Eshaghian &Co. Solicitors and N B Kohi Solicitor, Kidd Rapinet Solicitors Immigration Firm and is proud to inform you all that it is highly popular with different clients from different walks of life for its trustworthiness, dedication and expertise.

PIMI LTD has been active since 2016 and is an active and has been able to improve and expand in the last two years.

Owner of the PIMI LTD ,Mrs Pouneh Saatnia is an Iranian solicitor with 13 years’ experience in Judicial system, within various sections of the Judiciary in Iran.

She has prepared reports on the various aspects of the Iranian Judiciary system and attend courts in the UK in relation to the verification of documents and also as an expert witness in connection with legal matters related to the Iranian legal system.

Knowledge of legal documentation based on role as 13 years’ solicitor position in Iran and in particular, involvement with files that were referred for investigation and in passing judgment, as well as the cases that were filed in other branches of the courts by the parties involved.


Existing solicitor in Iran and the UK.

Online access with Iranian justice system as qualified solicitor.

13 years’ experience in Iranian criminal, civil and family cases.


Farsi- English

Ethnic groups’ expertise:


Other social groups’ expertise:





With many years of experience of providing services, we offer clients a personal and friendly comprehensive solution to their needs.

With the benefit of our extensive experience, we are able to understand your needs and advise on the prospects of success and potential pitfalls in pursuing an application.  Working together, we will use our experience to find a solution that matches your needs wherever possible.

At PIMI LTD we offer a FREE assessment to determine an individual’s eligibility and the level of post on offer, all in accordance with current government regulations. Then, through authoritative guidance we determine the most effective course of action in regard to the client and candidate’s individual circumstances.”

We are committed to handling the frustrations of bureaucracy on behalf of our client as we have the knowledge, experience and foresight to work effectively, ensuring that all applications submitted are properly presented with regard to government regulations and representative of your business needs. Every day we manage the complex business of securing work permits for our clients, we handle the necessary documentation and legislation requirements dealing with the relevant government body and presenting each case in the most effective way possible enabling a rapid assessment of applications and once approved we advise on how to proceed, depending on nation and location.

You can be assured of the quality and integrity of service you will receive.

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  •  Email: info@pimiltd.com
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  •  Mrs Pouneh Saatnia / Director /Chairman/Solicitor